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teardrop table Hymer


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Based on earlier postings the motorhome in question is apparently a 2005 Hymer Camp C524.


As far as I can make out from on-iine photos, the normal interior layout for a 2005 C524 includes a wall-hinged table as shown in the 1st image attached below.


However, this Southdowns Motorhome Centre advert




shows a (2005) C524 GT model with an L-shaped lounge seating layout and an unusually-shaped single-leg table (2nd image below).


As yoko8pups’s motorhome is probably LHD, it may have the same table as the GT model. If that’s the case and the table is now ‘wobbly’ at its base, how to firm it up would depend on how Hymer has attached the leg to the floor.


My Rapido has a single-leg table with a base that’s just screwed to the floor. If those screws became loose and could not be firmly tightened, the floor would need to be locally reinforced or new holes drilled.


Then there’s this...





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Thanks for your help, my layout is table 2. It's not wobbly on the floor but in the metal joints which attach the top to the table. We can't see how to get access to them to see the problem. I guess it is another visit to Tommy who by the way is worth knowing about if you plan to bring your van to Portugal.
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I suspect that the top of your Hymer’s table leg is similar in concept to my Rapido’s.


The Rapido’s table leg is telescopic, allowing it to be lowered to form the base of an ‘emergency’ single bed (I think the leg of your table is not telescopic) and its top can be slid laterally in four directions and also rotated.


The mechanism that permits the Rapido’s table top to be slid/rotated is quite complex and an example of the type is shown in the image below (advertised as the mechanism used on Burstner, Dethleffs and Hymer vehicles).


As your Hymer’s table is wobbly at the top, the first step would be to remove the table’s wooden top from the metal sliding mechanism that’s beneath it. This should be fairly straightforward as the sliding mechanism should just be screwed to the underside of the wooden table-top .After that’s done, it may well be only a matter of tightening up screws that attach the mechanism to the table leg.


Should the cause of the wobbling problem prove to be more serious, it will be necessary to remove the sliding mechanism from the leg and check what is wrong.


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