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Rapido 746F 2008 36k miles - Floor rot


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Hi all,

Our RHD Rapido 746F has wet rot in two small patches, one behind the drivers side front wheel and another immediately behind the passenger side rear wheel arch. The patches are fairly small - no bigger than 6" x 4".

I read somewhere that this is a known problem with this model of Rapido?

Does anybody have direct experience of this issue?

I would be interested to hear any recommendations for firms that specialise in the rectification of such problems.


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We had a Rapido 709F 2003 in which the rear floor of the mhome had started to rot. 709 was the predecessor of the 746.


The floor of the motor home was supported mainly by the commercial van floor except for the last 18 inches where it hung in free space. The rot was under the bed and toilet area, and there was some debate weather it was a shower / toilet problem or rot from underneath where there was no weather proofing.


The quote to repair the floor depended on further investigation but ballpark would not be less than £2000.


We decided to upgrade and the 709 was taken in part exchange for a 7090F. The dealer (Wokingham Motorhomes) said that the work was more tedious than difficult and they had no problem taking in the 709F as a winter hospital job. Gave us a good deal, and we are still running around in the 7090F.


probably not what you wanted to hear.



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