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peugot 407 sw 1.6 hdi


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warning with the above.I have one as a company car,21/2 yr old,last year 6 times to main agents 4 repair,this year twice 2 main agents,

Roll on september it gets replaced with a Ford,i am not the only one who suffers with the 407.Be careful if u want reliability :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(



hi everyone.

kia sorreto-tug-senator vermont van-couldnt be better (lol) (lol) (lol)

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Guest starspirit

Look at any car satisfaction and reliability survey and see where any and every French car or manufacturer comes.


They are all competing fiercely to be the worst in Europe and now that Rover has gone their job to be sure of being the worst is that much easier.


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My two sons both had 306 diesels and they are amazing. Cheap and easy to repair as well as doing close to 50mpg whatever the driving conditions.


Also - the most versatile car I ever had (useless tow car tho' being FWD) was a Citroen BX estate.


I suppose it boils down to any car is a good one as long as it is not a "Friday" car!


The worst car I ever had – was a Cavalier 2litre GLS – not helped by one of the most obnoxious dealerships I have ever come across! It was always in the garage and in the end we proved that the alternator they said they had replaced for the third time was in fact still the original! We settled out of court in the end but they were absolute bar stewards.


Best car? – probably any one of the three Audi 80’s I had. Just superb! - But again poor as a tow car due to being FWD.


I know FWD is ok but I was towing on wet grass.


I was helped by a chap in an old Range Rover and have had Land Rovers ever since.


Don’t want to start a 4x4 debate especially, but if you tow a lot???


Nothing better in my experience



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