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Installing hot water


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My van currently only has cold water. The toilet area originally only had a Thetford toilet and no shower. However after covid began and campsites began requesting units must be self contained I fitted a shower tray and toilet surround. The walls of the bathroom were already vinyl lined by the converter. We have been using a 'collapz' Battery shower in the shower area which is very effective but a bit of a faff as you have to heat the water in a container from which the shower is drawn.


As a bit of a winter project I'm thinking of adding a water heater and plumbing in a full time shower in the bathroom. I would also like hot water in the kitchen sink too.


I already have a propex hs2000e heater to heat the van and find it very effective. I don't want to replace this with a combi system so instead just require a separate water heater. The under van water tanks have enough capacity for a shower too.


I've been looking at dual 240v mains and 12v water heaters. I therefore wouldn't need to fit the heater on an external wall for any flue and some have 20 litre water capacity. I've been looking at the following :-




I'm thinking of the ee model 1000 watt 240v and 200w 12v.


Has anybody any experience of using these. I haven't seen them fitted in many vans. I like a longish shower and I feel I would achieve this with a 20 litre model. It's long and narrow dimensions would suit my installation too.


I've had a propex Málaga water heater in a previous van and although very reliable and hot, did not provide long enough shower time for me as it held 14 litres.


Am I right in thinking with a thermostatic mixer valve a 20 litre water heater heating to approximately 80 degrees should be able to deliver a 40 litre shower at 40 degrees.


Let me know your thoughts.




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