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Birdbrain - 2020-12-08 10:39 AM


... Septic said we had a deal weeks and weeks ago ... https://news.sky.com/story/brexit-boris-johnson-says-trade-deal-with-eu-looking-very-very-difficult-at-the-moment-12154926 ... Now it looks like his "no-deal is dead" boast is not so dead ... Poor Septic


LOL! But it was Johnson who sold his "Oven ready Brexit deal" to Parliament and the nation remember a year ago. It was Johnson who told us no deal was dead when he gave us his so called "Oven ready Brexit deal" was it not? Was he lying about it then?


He is kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place now though eh? Does he come back from Europe waving a piece of paper and once again lie to us about "Oven ready Brexit deal MK2" or does he come back having failed to deliver any deal and take us out with no deal. The second cant happen surely though can it because he also told us there were no plans for no deal as we are going to get a great deal and its a million to one chance we would leave with nothing.


If he goes does come back with a deal he owns it, its his deal and when its exposed as crap he is in deep trouble. If he fails and we leave with nothing he is almost certainly toast if its the Armageddon everyone says its going to be. Tough times for Johnson because its quite likely all this will happen just as we enter a third spike in Covid cases once everyone goes mental over Christmas. Likely by the second week of Jan you will find him in his Fridge.

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