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Silverstone continued from MH Matters

Geoff Bell

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Yes Lizzie 'experiment' I agree was not the right terminology, thanks for reminding me.

Thanks also to Sax for reminding me of the many hours of entertainment Gerry Marshall in his Vauxhall Firenza and Tony Lanfranchi in his Camerro ? gave me what must have been 1970's ?. I last watched Gerry Marshall race at Goodwood Revival 2005 and only learnt of his demise at the same event in 2006.

If anyone out there has followed Motorsport over the years 'Goodwood Revival is a great day out.

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Hello Geoff,

Obviously a kindred spirit and petrol head.


The two characters ( we will never see the likes of them again ) were brilliant entertainment. One had to be extremely wary of them in the bar after a meeting. I was brought up in the licenced trade and spent many years in it at the start of my working life and thought I could take a serious drink but those two gentlemen, given the chance, could put me under the table with no visible effect on their part.


Thanks for reminding me of the Goodwood Revival. I shall have to make a move soon and before I start research into sites etc, could you advise as to available camping on site? I have never been but possess many DVDs of previous years. I would like to stay on the estate for the duration to be able to absorb the whole unique atmosphere and give my camera some interesting work.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes, Mike


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Hello again Geoff,

Have just visited the Revival website - definitely no camping on site. Will probably give it a miss and visit Snetterton Archie Scott-Brown memorial Historic meeting and a larger Historic weekend at Silverstone instead.


Had not realised how lucky you are, on the site map you are just up the road.


I remember that not too far away is/was the Thruxton circuit. I once flew over it as passenger in a Thruxton Jackaroo. Not many have heard of them. Try a Google search.


Have an enjoyable summers motor sport.

Best Wishes, Mike


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Yes no camping on site at Goodwood which is mad, they have acres and acres of grassy fields, but there are plenty of sites around. Really Mike its a fantastic event, not only for petrol heads but the old aircraft taking off and landing all the restored cars and over the years more and more people add to the atmosphere in period dress, its a classic day out, and last year there were plenth of motorhomes set up and picnicking in the car parks. Well worth a visit. I prefer it to the Festival of Speed, but I always go to both.
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Good evening Geoff,

Just spotted your reply. You have tempted me again. I am an old fashioned sort of fellow, so period dress would not be a problem.


Brown brogues, Cavalry twill trousers, old Viyella check shirt and a period tie topped with a loud check sports jacket and a flat hat should do the trick, would you agree? All need an airing and in my wardrobe now.


Seriously though, I should go to all three events and enjoy making the most of my remaining years. Nearer the time I shall contact you. I am sure if we met we would have an extremely convivial time. (you know where I mean)


Talking about interesting old aircraft, you remind me of the time that a driver flew into the old Snetterton central runway to meet up with his car and crew for a meeting. I helped him move the aircraft to the edge of the runway because he had a partial undercarige collapse. The first time I had seen an an ME 109! I would never like to view a swastika, but this beautiful restored kite was painted matt blue which did not work at all. This was late 60's early 70's and for a Club meeting sevaral interesting old restored aircraft used to arrive, flown in by their rich owner/drivers. Probably all donated to Duxford now


Best regards, Mike

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