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Fixing name


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Does anyone know the correct terminology to describe this type of fixing? It’s used to attach two panels together at right angles. The photos show the fixing with and without its cap. I’m searching for them online but drawing a blank probably because of my incorrect search terminology.


Many thanks



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It looks like a plastic version of a pocket hole joint. Here the screws are set at an angle through the wood. A Google search will bring up lots of pocket hole examples but I was unable to find one anything like your fixing.

I've got very a similar version on my Adria so perhaps a search on sites that specialize in diy campers may prove fruitful.

If you do find out what it's called please post it on here - I for one would like to know.

Cattwg :-D

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Exactly the same question was asked in January 2020 on a French motorhome forum.




The advice was that GOOGLE-ing on "assemblage plastique pour meuble” should work and these fittings appear in the 2020 Idylcar Accessoires catalogue with the (beige) 30mm-diameter fitting being advertised in two ‘depths’ - 6mm or 8mm - with a cost of 3.40€ for four. The cover is advertised separately at a cost of 2.20€ for four.


I notice that HAFELE offer this type of connector (Part Number 262.43.489) and these fittings are available in the UK (and quite cheap). Examples here






(Obviously delvery charges may push up the cost significantly.)

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I’ve now measured up.


Whilst the source from China is the closest match, it turns out that my fixings are somewhat oval in shape whereas the Chinese and UK sources listed are circular. A photograph of the cap is shown to illustrate.


It’s possible, I imagine, that this particular brand of fixing has been superseded by circular shaped fixings. Regardless of that however, now armed with the correct terminology, I’ll continue my search.


Many thanks again for the research effort.


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Even if you can describe the fitting in words (and there seems to be no agreed English-language descriptive term) the fact that your motorhome is 17 years old significantly reduces the chances of you finding an exact match to the connectors Dethleffs was using in 2003..


Looking on German webpages should be the most logical approach and this GOOGLE-search on "Dethleffs Wohnmobil beige Kunststoff Möbelverbinder” produced the following ‘images’ results





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