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Rees-Mogg breaks Covid rules


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Rees-Mogg left his tier 3 home to attend Mass at a church 15 miles away in tier 4. People are allowed to attend church services in tier four areas, however Government guidance says people should not travel between tiers other than for a list of exceptional circumstances.


Going to church is hardly an "exceptional circumstance" and surely there must be a RC church in his own locality?


After catching wind of Rees-Mogg’s visit on Sunday, writer Liz Williams, 55, from Glastonbury, said a number of people in the town were ‘very cross’. She added: ‘While not as egregious as what Dominic Cummings did, he is still crossing from tier three to tier four just to go to mass, which we are told not to do. ‘I think the anger in town is the fact that not only is this not essential, even though he may argue differently as a Christian, but that he is actually a member of the Government that is setting this policy. ‘It just seems yet again like there is one rule for us and one rule for the rest of them.’


His constituents need to bear this in mind at the next election so they can give him his P45.





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