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new rules for Portugal


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1- RV, Motorhome, Caravan, Campers are not allowed to be parked on Public Roads between the hours of 9pm - 7am: occupied or non-occupied.

2 - RV, Motorhome, Caravan, Campers MUST ONLY be parked in a parking bay that fits the size of the van including any over-hanging item such as the jockey-wheel (Caravan) or Bike Racks, tow-bars etc on the Leisure Vehicle.

3- FINES ON-THE-SPOT , or otherwise:

Parking on Public Roads outside of allowed hours and or Leisure vehicle's extending past the parking bay allocated:



Parking in a National Area or Protected Areas:

€120 - €600


source: RTP and CM pt


We first visited Portugal on a family winter break about 35 years ago, at the time I thought "this looks like a nice place to visit in the van" but never got around tuit, Laws like this make me think it must be overcrowded with vans nowadays.


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My experience is not very recent but some stopover (aka German Stellplatz) was already there in the now distant 2015.

Certainly in Sintra (paid, roughly 5€) and Porto Covo (free).


I don't remember the towns but recall a few other in Faro/Portimao area.


They will almost certainly have increased.



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slowdriver - 2021-01-15 7:05 PM


Isn't this a good opportunity for the Portuguese Municipalities to develop Aires similar to those in Germany. Not campsites but areas with sufficient facilities to be worth paying for, while still generating income for the the local town?


https://ibb.co/SnQzyTN Portugal already has lots of Aires , some free some pay all good this one at Castro Marin is an example, it is free and in a very nice town with lots of facilities, salt museum salt marshes to explore , Castle ,windmills , markets, etc it is the first one in Portugal if you enter from Spain on the Algarve,

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https://ibb.co/Ctz2ncw We have spent many happy trips to Portugal over the years always used Aires or Wild camp, it was so easy going and a great Country to visit friendly people great beaches and lots of history , we used do trips of up to 6 months and was very easy to wander around always somewhere to over night and easy to bob back and forth into Spain too , sad it is coming to an end we have been travelling for 25 years now and love the life, not so easy now with Brexit which I Voted for but hey ho ho it is what it is, I am sure things will work out as time passes , it is in all our interests,
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The campincar-infos website separates ‘aires’ into 8 categories.


If all 8 categories are considered, Portugal is given as having 412 ‘aires’.




‘Aires’ at Porto Covo and Sintra (mentioned above by Max) are included in the list.


Interestingly (perhaps!) in the campingcar-infos listing showing the number of aires by country, Portugal comes 6th highest out of 43.


France - 9419

Germany - 4784

Italy - 1622

Spain - 1010

Norway - 488

Portugal - 412


310 ‘aires’ are listed for Grande-Bretagne - though most of these will be the ‘motorhome day/night parking tolerated here’ type.


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