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Bit of a pain


Noticed it a short while ago.

We have a motorhome that’s not been used for ages.

A place in ALmoradi we’ve not been out to since October 2019

And to make matters worse I run a airport transfer Buissness and by now I’m normally filled booked for the year.

I have 5 bookings and I know they will cancel soon.

I like most people are desperate to holiday in Europe and I can see most of this year being a washout.


Who wants to buy a Spanish place and a hardly used MH !!

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It is going to be a problem Den. I have not been on motorhome matters in a long time as I don't use my Hymer to travel to Spain etc anymore, but the new rules on length of stay in the EU by UK passport holder will affect many who like to travel for more than 3 months and to those who have first and second homes in Europe. There must be thousands of UK owned properties in Spain. I expect it has already been discussed here many times.
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