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A former church is up for sale at a cool £19.5 million (£21.5m if you want the furnishings and art). However it is a Grade 2 listed building in Chelsea with 5 bedrooms, Cinema, Gym and swimming pool. Seems a fair price to me. B-)




If your budget won't stretch to the Chelsea pad, here is a 5 bed, 5 bathroom detached pad near Solihull for £3.5 million. It looks like a shipping container.......on the outside. Not sure i'm a fan of the inside either though.




For the more adventurous here is a 'doer-upper' needing a little modernisation. Five bedrooms and at just £325 grand it comes fully furnished....even a kettle plugged in ready to welcome the new owner with a brew. Maybe the forums 'property developer' will snap it up to add to his portfolio. (lol)(lol)



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