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Reich E Box replacement


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The Reich E-Box in my Burstner Delfin is not working properly. The habitation battery charger function has not been working for a while, probably caused by the previous owner installing an extra battery and creating an overload. I have been managing by just having one of the batteries connected and charging using an external Optimate charger when required. When driving the habitation battery is being charged. Needless to say the van has been parked in my drive for several months plugged in to a 240v supply from the house. The Reich e box main switch has been off. Today I turned on the main switch and the display unit fired up and lights worked internally for about 5 secs, then i got the message on the display "E display shutting down" it remained on with this message, no 12v power to appliances was happening.


I am assuming that the Reich E box is toast unless anyone can advise.


I will need a replacement Transformer/rectifier. Any suggestions on suitability would be appreciated. I assume it just a case of disconnecting the inputs/outputs on the e box and transferring them to the appropriate connections on a replacement unit. I am not prepared to pay over £1000 to have an exchange unit BTW.

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