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not sure who to send to.


I am writing to inform you that on your main menu screen you have a small Adchoice box in the bottom right corner, sometimes there is no Ad, just a small message saying, "you have one message" of course there is no message, it takes you to a new page where it fools you into believing you been picked (for one pound fee) to receive a free Apple Pro, it is a con/lie, what they dont make clear, it is in fact a 5 day trial of a skill games portal to compete to win prizes, with a £49.95 subscription fee (it mentions this in a very small grey line at the bottom of the page ), i can see a lot of people being victims for this and dont understand that they have been conned.

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This type of scam has been around for some time in one form or another (there are 2021 and 2019 examples here)






At the bottom of the main forums’ homepage is the message


Any problems? Contact the administrator


and the email address of the administrator that should result is




It’s not something that the ‘volunteer’ forum moderators can deal with, so I’ve passed your comment up the Warners ladder to have the matter investigated by the forum Administrator..


(I’m doubtul that Warners can do anything about this at their end, as I’ve seen exactly the same scam advert appear in recent months when I’ve been looking at other websites that carry adverts.)

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I've now had a reply from the forum Administrator.


The intention is to 'ban' the advert, but - as this is complicated - it's been passed to the web team for attention.


As slow driver says, running a suitable ad-blocker should address this particular issue from the forum user's end, but which blocker to use will depend on the device and browser involved.

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slowdriver - 2021-02-16 9:36 AM


I do not see any ads since I run an ad-blocker. It is a solution, but does mean you are deprived of seeing all the legitimate adverts, assuming there are some. (I wouldn't know, since I cannot see any !)

Another vote for Add Blocker also privacy Badger.
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