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Apparently this is another benefit of Brexit where folk losing their jobs and homes will be "better off because of Brexit". Of course the majority of these numpties voted to shoot themselves in the foot anyway but just to ensure they realised they'd been lied to and misled all along, Johnson finally threw them under the bus for good measure.


UK fishermen fear losing their homes as export ban bites


Shellfish workers in Cornwall say some are at risk of losing their homes because of an overnight ban on exporting their product to the EU.


Since 1 January, the European Union has stopped British fishermen from selling oysters, scallops, clams, cockles and mussels, known as live bivalve molluscs (LBM), that are caught in so-called "Class B" waters.


The Sailors Creek Shellfish company in Falmouth, Cornwall, has seen 99% of its business disappear. 8-)


Tim Heard, 65, has been catching oysters for 50 years - and has seen his income completely stop.


He added: "There are people here that have turned to drink because of the strength of this - they don't know where to go, what to do, how to pay their bills.


"We thought we were going to carry on after Brexit - the market was supposedly sorted - but they slammed the door in my buyers' face. I think it's the EU teaching Britain a lesson for Brexit." [no mate....it's the EU following it's own rules on third country imports there to protect it's member states - you were a member but listened to Liar Johnson and Fake Fisherman 'Friend' Farage]


"I got friends in Padstow that have spent in excess of two million pounds on crabbing - they've been stopped dead. I wouldn't sleep at night," he added.




The phrase, ‘EU shellfish ban,’ keeps being used by news outlets and it’s important to understand how this language is misleading and how Government is deliberately using misinformation to hide from its own failures...


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I love the way the media are describing this like its something new. I Can probably go back on here and find numerous posts over the past few years where both myself and others pointed out that the UK Shell fishing industry would be bust in four weeks following a no deal exit. They have lasted a bit longer because we got a boggy basic deal but they are still a busted flush and its because of Brexit not because of some imaginary new rule some of them think was brought in to spite them.
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Guest pelmetman

Dunno if I'd wanna buy shellfish that hadn't been cleaned either 8-) ..........


I've had dodgy shellfish before *-) ..........Come to think of it .....that was in France 8-) .........



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