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Photobook Blog Part 3 - Trip to the Arctic Circle in Scandinavia during the Covid-19 Pandemic


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This photobook blog covers Norway County Road 17 (also known as the Atlantic Highway or Kystriksveien) which is acclaimed by many to be one of the most scenic routes in the world.




Delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Duncan and Liz finally set off on a 75-day 9,218 mile (14,835 km) adventure touring Scandinavia and arctic circle, reaching the most northly mainland lighthouse in the world.




Further blogs will follow covering the Lofoten Archipelago, the most northerly mainland lighthouse in the world on the Nordkinn peninsula, journey down the border with Finland, Hammerfest and the Island of Senja, before travelling back south down Norway using as many central / easterly roads as possible including the blood road near Rognan, the UNESECO world heritage mining town of Roros and the Rondane National Park. After which the journey back to the UK through Sweden, Denmark and Germany.


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