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Help - Fiamma box!!


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Hi Everyone, Thankyou to you all that have given me your advise on various queries iv'e posted lately...much appreciated!

Here i go again asking for your thoughts and opinions on the subject of storage? I have just bought a Bailey autograph 765 with the idea of taking our 2 grand daughters away with us now and again, and with that im'e wanting to buy a storage box to fit onto the fiamma bike rack, and wondered if anyone else has got one or has any recommendations as to the type that will hold the most on a rack..im'e not talking weight here as i would'nt be putting items in it that would be anywhere near the amount its supposed to take but rather the volume aspect, iv'e seen quite a few that look as if they don't hold much at all. Any advise would be appreciated.


Regards, Nigel.


(Title edited for clarity - Keithl)

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FIAMMA offers three “Ultra Box” rear-mountable storage containers with a litres volume of 320, 350 or 500 with respective kg weights of 12, 14 or 17. Details here




Also Thule offers a large (450 litres volume) “Carry All” box. (advert here)





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