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Dometic RM7655L Door seals


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Presumably this is the Austrailian website entry you have mentioned.




I notice that, within the “HOW TO GUIDES” section of the website




there’s a video explaining how to replace a door seal on an Electrolux/Dometic fridge.


It’s clear from the 20-minutes-long video why replacing the complete door might be recommended. Apparently the door’s inner moulded plastic section is glued to the door’s interior and fitting a new seal needs a lot of effort and care.

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This link provides spare-part drawings relating to a. Dometic RM7655L fridge-freezer




There are several suppliers of parts for this appliance, but - as Kevin has found and as the relevant drawing suggests - the seal for each of the appliance's two doors is not available from Dometic for retro-fitting. The manufacturing procedure seems to be that the seal is attached to the door's interior 'liner' and the liner + seal is then very firmly glued to the door's internal insulation. (The follow-up RM8... series fridge-freezers must use a different door-seal attachment method as Dometic spare-part drawings for those appliances show replacement seals separate from the doors.)


Presumably, as Dometic does not offer seals for the R7655L, the Australian company mentioned above makes the seals themselves or has them made.

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