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Our Trips so far part 3


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Hi, Just another update


We are still at Los Jarales campsite in Playa Calahonda which is approximately 10km from Fuengirola to the east and 20 km from Marbella to the west both of which are accessible by bus from right outside the campsite. We are a 5 min walk away from the calahonda beach which is accessible over a foot bridge crossing a very busy dual carriageway the beach itself is not that nice albeit its OK for taking a stroll.


Calahonda itself is very English nearly everyone speaks English and I would say 75% are English but that really just mirrors Costa del Sol and while it may not be to everyones taste we quite like it as there is so much to see and do that I would think no one could get bored, and if you are into Golf and have lots of money this is the place for you.


We hired a Fiat Panda for the week at 120 euros as we have been thinking of buying one of these when we return, and I must say that they are a very deceptive little car, they are very quick and go for ever on a gallon of fuel, so I think we will purchase a new diesel one on our return.


We said we would visit Barbs relation while we were in Spain and decided to pay her a surprise visit on Friday as it was only 125 miles away at a town named Chipiona so early night on Thursday for an early start we were away by 9:30 and without any major problems arrived in Chipiona at just after 12 midday only to find it was a bigger town than we thought so we had problems finding the address. We asked a police man who could only speak Spanish if he knew where the address we had was and from what we could make out he knew where it was and I am sure he explained it perfectly the only problem was neither of us understood a word ?LoL so we just smiled and nodded hopefully in the right places and drove off ?. We eventually found her apartments and decided we would ring her just to add to the surprise, but you will never guess who got the biggest surprise, THAT’S RIGHT you guessed it she was out ?? 250 mile round trip only to find she was out ?? you have got to laugh have’nt you I DON’T THINK, LoL


Anyway look on the positive side it gave the car a good test and there is some very beautiful scenery on the route from Marbella to Jerez ???


We have just returned from Gibraltar which was very nice albeit it felt like you were in an English tourist town and it appears everyone makes for Morrison/Safeways to buy English food ? why I don’t know ? but it was worth a visit and we purchased a very nice leather coat for Barb so it was worth going.


We returned the car today as we hope to start using the buses and trains to get about over the next week or so as we have decided to stay here until after the easter weekend as there are supposed to be some festivals that we would like to see and if we did start to move in the motorhome we could have problems getting onto another site during the period as they are supposed to get quite full over the weekend


Bye for now


Brian & Barb


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Hi Brian & Barb, we are a few miles down the road from you at the camp site Cabopino, had a good thunderstorm last night, but we had a good day in Marbella today, we are here until Saturday then move on to Morroco keep enjoying your travells. Carol & Ed.
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