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Damaged toilet cassette


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Grind it out with a dremel or similar to open it up slightly and clean up any edges whilst abrading each side of the crack for a reasonable distance. Then turn it over and pour in some decent 2 pack adhesive smoothing it out across the crack. If need be make a dam around the area with blue tack or silicone or something similar.
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I would hazard it is made of ABS, so that opens up some good possibilities for using an ABS solvent weld "cement", as used in plumbing plastic waste pipe welding.


Initially test to see if the product does dissolve the plastic used, in a spot of no consequence.


If it does as I suspect it will, you could after following the opening up advice above, then fill the crack; you can and should bulk the "weld" up using some other scraps of suitably soluble plastic* as effectively a welding rod.

After leaving say a couple of days you can shave off any excess "bead" with a wood working firmer chisel, but only do this if needed, as the bead adds some strength.


*An obvious plastic is an off cut of the plastic waste pipe tubing the product is aimed at.


Doing this has a benefit over a bonding "glue" as it will be homogeneous, not just an adhesive bond.


[similar more universal products exist for a range of plastic types, PVC, ABS and uPVC, but I have no direct experience using these in this way.]

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I believe your Pilote moitorhome (I assume it’s a P 7000GJ low-profile model not the Galaxy A-class) has a Dometic swivel-bowl toilet (upper image attached below) and that its cassette will be like the example in the lower attached image.


I’m not familiar with current Dometic cassettes, but these videos




show that in the cassette’s top surface there is a large circular aperture through which the inside of the base may be accessed. But how practicable it would be to effect a repair working from the inside would depend on the shape of the base and exactly where the crack is.


Worth a try repairing the crack. I note that a “Renew KIt” is also available.





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You could combine the 'welding' method suggested earlier with plastic 'plates' glued to the inside and outside of the cassette and covering the damaged area. The videos seem to indicate that a plate on the cassette's underside would not result in clearance problems when the cassette is put in its locker, and an internal plate sandwiching the crack would add extra strength. As I said above, how best to address the cracking will depend on where it is on the cassette's bottom.
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