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Herald Insignia headrest

Chris L

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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Chris.


There were more than one Insignia models, but I think you have the “XL” version shown in this advert




that has an interior layout with a settee on the left side and a pair of 2-person seats on the right with a table between them. The forward-facing of those 2 seats has safety-belts and above the seat-back cushion there’s a large upholstered head-rest that I’ve arrowed in green on the image attached below. I assume it’s this headrest that you want to know how to remove.


I don’t think the head-rest is adjustable, nor that it is designed to be easily removed. I would have thought that it is fixed in place by screws (or bolts) that pass though the bulkhead behind it into a narrow storage locker. Alternatively, if the head-rest is part of a metal framework to which the seat-belts are attached, there may be fixing for the head-rest on the framework.


Have you removed the seat-back cushion to check? Have you looked in the storage locker to the rear of the seat?


Herald “Insignia” motorhomes were essentially ‘mongrels’, with the body of certain Fiat Ducato-based Compass “Drifter” models grafted on to a Ford Transit chassis.


Nowadays, fine-detail Herald motorhome information/advice is probably best sought through the Compass and Herald Motorhome Club (CHMC)




I owned a Herald Templar motorhome from 1998 to 2004, but its body and interior layout difffered significantly from the Insignia’s. It’s very difficult to advise on such a very specific feature of what must be a 20-years-old motorhome without actually being able to inspect it, and I suspect that even the CHMC might not be able to provide a quick this-is-how-it’s-done answer.




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Chris L joined the Out&AboutLive forum on April 10, 2021 and asked about his Herald's headrest on April 12. I replied (at some length) that same day, but this produced no response from Chris L who never posted here again.

I believe Chris is not a registered member of the current O&AL forum (that was created in September 2022) so the chances approach zero that you'll get advice from him via this forum.

As a forum moderator I can see the email address Chris L used when he joined the O&AL forum in 2021. That email address may no longer be valid, but I've sent you it in a Private Message if you want to try using it.

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