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Fiamma draught skirt


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Hello all, I am picking up a fiamma draught skirt at the weekend and I don’t want to drill the body to fit the press studs, I have seen adhesive ones on the internet and I want to order those but I don’t know what size to get.

Would anyone be willing to look at their draught skirt and measure the inside diameter of the part on the skirt please?

Thank you

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This YouTube video mentions using adhesive press-stud pads to attach a wheel cover to a caravan’s wheel-arch.



Various self-adhesive press studs are shown here




but the expectation would be that both parts of the same make/design of stud-fixing connect together rather than the male and female parts of different makes/designs of fixing being employed. (Can a male duck successfully mate with a female moorhen - who knows?)


This link advises at length on draught skirts




and mentions attaching the skirt with ‘limpets’ (suckers) rather than press studs.

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Fiamma skirting kits come in several versions




with the motorhome kit including ‘snap fasteners’.


Self-adhesive studs are advertised fairly widely for use with the Fiamma product (example advert here)




but I’m not sure if the tool used to fit the stud to the skirt is included.


These YKK studs can be bought individually through ebay, but (once again) one would need to confirm what is actually being advertised.


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An alternative method of fixing to the mh if your vehicle has smooth sides is to use suckers attached through punched holes. I've used the Milenco internal blind suckers and power suckers with a lever arm and short bungees. Much better than press studs. Another method is to attach a rail to the bottom of the side wall and slid the skirt through it.
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