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Blocking up mouse holes


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Someone on the forums blocked up entry holes the little mouse critters were getting in. I’ve lost the link. Can anyone help. I have an IH TIO rear lounge. The critters have got in over the drivers seat ( cupboard) and chewed through the polystyrene , left a hole! After advice from here, great as always, bought traps, peanut butter abd caught one! But need to block all entry holes. To the guy that posted, thanks, apologies for losing thread! Very odd, they chewed plastic bag, and tissues! NOTE TO SELF DO NOT LEAVE THESE ITEMS IN VAN!





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stevec176 - 2021-04-16 2:11 PM


A mouse can get through a hole the diameter of a pencil so don't think you'll ever block up all holes but good luck.

Not true - nearly but not quite!

An adult mouse can get through a GAP the width of a pencil, but the gap will have to be about 30mm wide.

A mouses's head is broad and flat so if it can get it's head into the gap, it's body will follow.

So a standard air brick will not allow a mouse to pass, but you can shove a pencil into the hole.


The teeth of mice are constantly growing so to keep them short and sharp they need to chew. (In fact the word rodent comes from the Greek "to gnaw"

So they can and will chew anything (they don't eat it) and plastic and tissue make excellent bedding material.

Block holes/gaps with solid twists of kitchen foil or wire wool, or cover holes with say 1/4 inch wire mesh.


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I've just taken this from the all knowing in the sky but doesn't really matter the little buggers will always get in. My daughter lives in Oz NSW and they are plagued by mice, they are catching 15 - 20 daily and one supermarket said they were catching about 400 nightly,




Seal any hole or crack larger than one-fourth of an inch. A good rule of thumb is that if a pencil can fit into it, a mouse could too. Large holes or cracks should be stuffed with steel wool or wire mesh before sealing with caulk or foam, otherwise rodents could chew through and enter.

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As well as traps inside the van and the engine compartment I go further.

On the basis that the tyres are the only parts in contact with the ground, I set a trap covered with an old ice cream tub at each wheel hopefully to catch them before they get into the van. To protect birds and other things and allow mice access, I cut small holes where the tub is in contact with the ground.

This is probably tempting fate but so far I have caught countless mice in these traps outside the van and so far have had none inside.

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