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Touring Scandinavia Photobook Blog Part 6 now available - North of Finland and Hammerfest


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Part 6 of our 2020 75-day 9,218-mile (14,835 km) tour of Scandinavia in a motorhome. This blog follows on from part 5 and details in pictures and maps the trip across the northern border of Finland, Karosjohka (the village where the Sami people’s parliament is held), then Hammerfest and the journey down to entry point to the Island of Senja.




When we were planning this trip, we struggled to find information about motorhome trips in Norway. Hence, I decided to start a photobook blog to help others.


Thus far I have a blog covering the preparation plus six covering the trip, with a further 3 /4 more blogs to go.


If you like what you see please feel free to share the site and if you subscribe as a follower you will automatically be notified when I publish my next blog.


The next blog will detail the trip around the island of Senja, which is reported to be much quieter than the Lofoten archipelago and is supposedly a photographer's dream. Senja is Norway’s second largest island outside of the Svalbard archipelago with a landscape that varies greatly from east to west, hence the island is often called a ‘Norway in miniature’.


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