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Workshop manual Citroen Relay Euro 6


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Anyone know where I can obtain a workshop manual (not owners manual) for 2018 Euro 6 2.0 Citroen Relay based van?

I wish to carry out my own servicing like I always do for all my vehicles and motorcycles due to exhorbitant dealer servicing but cannot find a manual for anything newer than 2014 vans - Fiat ducato/Peugot Boxer would be the same I think as long as it covers the 2.0 euro 6 engine


Thanks folks!

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I believe Peugeot Boxer (and presumably Citroen Relay) vehicles became available with 2.0-litre BlueHDi Euro 6 diesel powerplants from mid-2017, but it may well be the case that workshop manuals advertised online for “2017” Boxers do not cover those motors.


(Even if a workshop manual were obtainable for Fiat Euro 6 Ducatos, it would be of limited value for you as the Ducato powerplants are 2.3litres capacity and quite different to the Boxer/Relay Euro 6 motors that are developments of Citroen/Peugeot car engines.)



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Workshop manuals for the Ducato can be downloaded from the Fiat Forum. These are for early 2006 to 2010 vehicles. Although the electrical system, engine and anti pollution systems are different on a Euro6 Citroen much of the rest, gearbox, driveshafts, suspension and brakes, has remained the same over the years.

The 2.0 PSA engine is derived from the DW series used in Peugeot/Citroen/Ford vehicles, so information on the engine can be obtained.


Its possible as a business to access servicing and repair information from Peugeot/Citroen at a cost.


Typical servicing involving fluid and filter change is similar to many vehicles and not too difficult. The braking system, suspension and transmission servicing and repair procedures, again ,are similar to many FWD vehicles.



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You would find the PSA Diagbox system very useful in doing your own servicing and repairs on a Relay.

The most recent version of the software that is freely available (as a VMWare vurtual machine) is V7.855 which covers Euro6 vehicles with a P,S,T,U,Z,1,2 or 3 in character 6 of the VIN.

The 2 hardware interfaces that are needed are available on Ebay for c. £75.


It gives you servicing resets e.g. service interval, oil degradation counter, particle filter additive level etc. plus dealer level diagnostics and programming of the various vehicle ECUs (incl. TPMS if you have it).


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As Mike says, much of the mechanical components are unchanged on recent vans, and the freely available downloadable manuals for earlier vehicles should suffice. For the newer engines, as long as you know the fill quantities involved, routine oil changes and servicing shouldn't cause an issue for the mechanically adept, even without a manual, but for many modern engines, including the Fiat multijet units, access to suitable diagnostic software is often required to reset service intervals and oil degradation counters.


In the UK and Europe, the days of being able to obtain paper, or any form of workshop manual aimed at the DIY mechanic are largely over for modern vehicles. The vehicle manufacturers are required by legislation to make their repair and servicing information available to recognised automotive repair businesses and similar enterprises, but provision of servicing information to the vehicle owner or anyone outside of that definition is discouraged by the wording of legislation aimed at the servicing, repair and replacement of anything related to or likely to affect emission control systems only being carried out by qualified mechanics with access to the correct equipment.


Manufacturers are entitled to charge for the provision of information, and mostly require proof of the authenticity of the person or business requesting it, e.g. by requiring them to subscribe to the service and only accepting them on proof of suitable business registration, VAT registration and in some cases photographs of their workshop and equipment installed.


Fiat's charges range from 7 euros per hour to several thousand euros annually for access to their repair information. The only other alternatives are resellers who buy access to the vehicle manufacturers information under licence and supply it as part of multi-make packages aimed at the independent repair trade, such as Autodata, Haynes Pro, etc.


In the US, vehicle owners still have a right to repair their own vehicles, and manufacturers do allow them to register and access the technical repair portals, but again at hourly, daily or monthly charges.

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Thanks for the replies guys - it seems theyve got us by the short and curlies these days

I did manage to find on Ebay a manual for Citroen Jumper as they call it years 2006 - 2017 but it doesnt cover my engine - I am not going to be stripping engine down but just want to be carrying out routine servicing and repairs such as brake pads/disk change etc


Eg I have a problem with brakes squealing at times and want to remove pads and grease backs of them but this usually involves removing calipers - need to know torque settings for bolts and dont know if mechanicals on the van are same as in this manual until I take it apart

I do have a diagnostic tool which can detect and clear faults which I thought may be more than useful if on a long trip away, and also PSA Diagbox which was downloaded from E bay when I wanted to change my tyre pressures and reset TPMS - unfortunately the more recent versions of this software with TPMS info are not available, so I had to pay the Citroen dealer to reset TPMS for me - another ripoff. By the way, I had major problems downloading the Diagbox software and had to have online help from the seller - took ages to sort it out!

Hopefully the online workshop manual I have will be sufficient for my purposes

Thanks again for your help on this and prompt replies

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