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Locker Hinges


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One of the hinges on the van’s exterior locker is completely broken. It was probably just a matter of time before it happened even thought I did lubricate regularly.

I know this question has been asked before but does anybody know where I can source a replacement. I have checked through old forum posts without luck.


Is there anything special about this type of hinge and do you think an off the shelf alternative would do.

It would seem sensible to get a few pairs of hinges if possible as the likelihood of more breaking is high.


My van is a pre-swift 2007 Autocruise Starspirit.


Thanks for any help and advice.


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I think this 2012 forum thread relates to the issue you've mentioned (and has photos of the hinge)




O'Leary Motor Homes advertises various door/locker hinges, but I'm not sure if they will currently have what you'll need.






Also discussed in 2017 here




(Note: links within the links I've provided above may be out-of-date or 'dead'.)

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Hinge Update: I have purchased a set of hinges from:-


William Neven



Bill was really helpful and offers next day delivery for stock items.


He also supplies hinge for other makes of motorhomes.


I hope this info is of help to others.

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