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Rip Off Motorhome company


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Yesterday BBC "Rip Off Britain" highlighted a horrible experience involving a couple who had purchased a used motorhome from a company which also hired mh's. But their van is also being claimed by an investor who says it is their van!


The company owner and MD, Andrew Hughes, was operating an investment scheme offering a 10% return involving a Chattel mortgage (no i'd never heard of such a thing until then!) which secured the van as theirs.


That business has since folded but it seems Mr Hughes had been playing fast and loose with investors money and selling vans which were legally owned by other people. In short, he was operating a scam.






But that's not the end of it. This chap has found Hughes is still busy fleecing folk and frankly, I cannot understand why he hasn't been locked up! Well worth reading this including the embedded links.





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