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PLEASE HELP! Coleman Bispace 400 pitch instructions


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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can anyone help me. URGENT!!!


I have bought a Coleman Bispace 400 but only have the instructions sewn into the bag which are as good as useless.


I feel a little embarrassed to say that we are not at all sure how to put it up in order to get it right. Putting poles in is fine.......but then unsure how to place tent and how groundsheet fits etc etc.


Does anyone have any advice or a link to pitching instructions?





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Hi clowie,


This is the first time on this particular forum as we now have a motorhome BUT we do still have a bispace400 tent.

As you say the instructions are useless. We found that once the main poles are in their sleeves, make sure one end of the pole is in the strap with the eyelet on the end. This stops at least one bit from moving in the wrong direction. Then get someone to go in under the big end of the tent and lift it up from the middle. This gives a dome shape which is then easier to work with. At this stage peg some guy ropes onto the big end to stop it all flying away in the wind. Then peg down 4 corners of big end. Now put small poles in and pull out small end of tent and peg out.

Groundsheet just fits inside big end and peg to stop any movement. You will find that side openings in big end of tent are slightly different from each other and therefore you need to choose which way you go into tent.

Hope this helps. If you have any more questions, just let me know.

Regards Nick.

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