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Solar charger

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Hi I'm a newbie


Well hello


We have a burstner motorhome that has EPsolar 20 amp duo controller but battery 1 which is the engine motor battery does not charge. I checked voltage and there is none but it is charging battery 2 as green light on and voltage.


Do you reckon it's the battery that is knackered as the controller will not charge if no battery connected so I'm thinking if the battery is completely gone then it may be thinking that there is no battery connected.





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Usually the priority battery, battery 1, is the leisure battery and battery 2 the starter battery. The default setting for charge distribution is setting 9, this is 90% to battery 1 and 10% to battery 2. When battery 1 is fully charged any surplus charge is diverted to battery 2. By using the setting button the setting number can be adjusted 9 to 0, and thus change the distribution ratio. For example Selecting '5' is 50% to battery 1 and 50% to battery2. Setting '0' is 0% to battery1 and 100% to battery 2.


If there appears to be no connection to battery 1, then the battery is totally flat, or more likely there is a wiring fault or a faulty/blown fuse. Of course it should be fairly easy to determine if the engine battery is flat by testing with a meter or 12v bulb at the battery.





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