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12volt not arriving at my fridge


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Talbot Express 1994 Compass Merit 355.


12v not working on 3 way Electrolux fridge model 4201


with engine running my main battery battery shows 14.3

turn on blower fan and it drops to 13.7

turn off fan battery shows 14.3


turn on 12 volt fridge switch and set to highest car battery remains at 14.3


surely if there was 12volts arriving at the fridge there would be a slight drop on my main battery reading as there is if I run something else


assuming my thinking is correct – what has happened to my 12 volts?


Any help or advice would be appreciated ,



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This link is to an Electrolux user/installation manual that covers the RM4201 fridge-model.




The ‘trouble-shooting’ section includes the following advice


5. If the refrigerator fails to work on 12 V, check:

- That the 12 V supply is connected to the refrigerator.

- That the fuse on the 12 V supply is intact.

- That the 12 V switch is on.


As I’m sure you are aware, the fridge should only operate from 12V when the motorhome’s engine is running, and a relay is normally fitted to ensure this happens. If your fridge won’t operate on 12V, this may simply be due to a blown fuse, or to a defective relay, or the relay is not being ‘triggered’ when your motorhome’s engine starts, or there’s a wiring fault, or the fridge’s 12V element has failed.


Does the fridge’s 12V switch light up when you select 12V operation? If it does, then 12V is reaching the fridge and it’s quite likely that the fridge’s 12V element has failed. If the 12V switch does not light up, either the switch itself has developed a fault, or 12V is not reaching the fridge.


This 2011 MHFun forum "Electrolux fridge not working on 12v” thread may be of interest




In that instance the culprit was a wiring fault, but detecting that wasn’t easy.


(Presumably your fridge used to operate OK from 12V?)

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