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I have a 1999 Fiat Ducato Cheyenne Auto trail 634 and the fridge has packed in.

No lights on panel for 12, 240 or gas!

12v supply not getting through.

240V supply is ok but heater element not working. New element.

Are there any hidden fuses, I can't see any?


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You need 12v for the control to work , if you have a EM40/50 interface unit that are normally behind the drivers seat (or near the power control unit) there should be 2 x 12v fuses for the fridge inside of it ,there may also be another one in the habitation fuse board.

If there is not a unit behind the driver seat check under the bonnet near to the battery for a fuse box and a relay ,it may have 4 x fuses in it, and 2 of them will be fridge.

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I think the habitation electrical system of a 1999 Auto-Trail Cheyenne 634 will be based on equipment made by the “Zig” company.


This 2013 MHFun forum thread (relating to a 2000 Cheyenne 634)




suggests that there may be no separate habitation fuse-box - though I’m wary of the information in that thread’s final posting as normal practice with Zig control-panels was for the panel to carry old-style ‘glass’ fuses.


Having said that, operation of a 3-way fridge may well not involve the control-panel and (as buddy has said) there should be dedicated fuses for the fridge and a relay to prevent 12V cooling unless the motorhome’s engine is running.


(I’ve attached below a schematic for a basic habitation electrical system.)


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