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Mirror Guard repair query

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What is the best product to repair a crack in one of my Mirror Guards (the genuine ones not the Milenco copy)?

I see from the seller's website that they are made from ABS plastic.


There are quite a range of products on the market to repair ABS but has anyone found one that works well on these guards?

I think the owner of the company mentioned Plumbing Solvent Weld Cement when I asked him a few years ago but there may be better products nowadays.


The guard is white so a transparent product would be best.

The damage is mainly a crack on the bottom right hand (outer) corner caused by a manic 4x4 driver coming at me well over the white line on an A road. :'( The mirror guard held and protected the Fiat mirror underneath.

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fripp - 2021-07-10 12:18 PM


If it is ABS then plumbing solvent weld will melt and then reset the plastic. So should be good for the job. Not sure of the space you have but I would build up a bit more depth with the solvent on the reverse side to strengthen the joint if you can.



Thanks. I've done the repair using Flo Plast Solvent Cement from B&Q, pity they only sell it in 250 ml bottles.

The crack was so big it was easy to open and apply the cement right inside the damaged area.

Good quick repair smoothed off with fine grade sandpaper.

Ready for the next whack!

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