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Electric step, fridge, fuses.


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Further to my post on 10th July and subsequent post from "absolute beginner"






you may be interested to know that I have now solved the problem.

As suggested it was the lack of a d+ signal but where oh where does that signal enter the system.

On my van (Pilote G600) we discovered that it enters the electrobloc at pin 3 in bloc 5 and was a plain green wire, we were able then to trace this back via a hatch inside the gas locker to the front, behind which was an absolute cats cradle of wires, connectors and relays. But there was the green wire disappearing up into the cab area.

we removed the cover from the fuse panel on the dash in front of the driver where there are loads of vehicle fuses but could not see our green wire. We then removed a speaker that had been fitted into the side panel in the drivers footwell and there we found some wires including our green wire which we tracked up to the area of the fuse panel and behold pushed down out of sight was our green wire and an in line fuse holder which had fallen apart. Having put the fuse holder back together properly and tested the fuse, hay presto all working as it should. step retracts on turning on the ignition and the fridge works on 12v.

Hope you find this helpful, I am grateful for everybody's comments and to my very patient step son for all his help.

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