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Security - Alarms and Trackers


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Hi to all,


My first posting - here goes...


I am due to take delivery of a new Knaus Boxstar 600 (having persisted for 32 years with a VW Type 2). I will need to add an alarm and possibly a tracker and am interested in the forum's view.


The Alarm suggested by the dealer is Vodaphone Cat 1 Alarm A4615MH for £599 and a Tracker for £379 with an option for 5 years subscription at £395. My two questions are:


Alarm : Does anyone have experience of this type of alarm. I have read the threads and see VanBitz is highly recommended so I suspect this might be the reply, but I would have thought Vodafone would provide a solid product? I would be interested if anyone has installed one.


Tracker: I picked up a reply from VanBitz that a Tracker is useless as thieves would deploy a blocker. Does anyone have an opinion on that?


It would be good to hear some opinions.



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I think it's more down to your insurance company as to which tracker you should buy. Ask their position. I'm sure the dealer isn't suggesting vodafone because he gets a good kickback oops I mean commission on it?


Not sure how easy they are for a thief to defeat. I've got two on my m/h from Rewire Security and at c£70 each, self tracked seems a good deal. I think the high cost of monitored ones is for the fact they they are monitored, not sure if that's better or worse. certainly with mine I can see where my m/h has been and also speed I've driven at. Wonder if that could be a defence if I was done for speeding?


BTW a neighbour had his m/h stolen from his front garden and he didn't have a tracker. Police found it anyway and the interior had been wrecked. Police said they thought the thieves were looking for the tracker and when they couldn't find it dumped it 'cos they thought the tracker was too well hidden. Pays yer money and takes yer chances?

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