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Fittings for attaching G2 Side panel to Omnistor 6002 awning

colin weston

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I have been contemplating fitting a Thule G2 Side rain blocker to my 2007 Autocruise Starburst. It was fitted with an Omnistor 6002 3.5m Curacao 27 awning when new. I made enquiries with Thule and they said that the G2 Side rain blocker was compatible with this awning but the awning projection needed to be 2.50m. I have measured the projection of my awning after tensioning at 2.4m. (Maybe the 2.5m extension applies to the maximum extension before tensioning?) They also advised that I would need spare parts 1500601158 - Tension rod mounting kit or 1500601185 - End piece tension rafter clamp and insert SR series 6. My awning already has the 1500601158 parts fitted at each end of the awning. These comprise a semi-circular cup shaped moulding attached to the extension and a cross shaped moulding attached to the awning body. Has anyone any experience of fitting a G2 end panel to an awning with these fittings?
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