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Tory donors and Johnsons tax hike


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This is the same paper that once lauded Johnson as the second coming! Now it sings a very different tune and this is how right wing media are turning against Johnson and his cronies. The readers comments are interesting!


What DID these super-rich Tory donors have to say about Boris Johnson's tax bombshell?

REVEALED: PM and Rishi Sunak fled the Commons after key vote for a glittering fundraising event


It was perhaps unsurprising that Boris Johnson appeared in a hurry to escape from the House of Commons chamber as soon as MPs had voted in favour of his controversial social care reforms.


Not only had he risked the wrath of voters and Conservative colleagues alike by unveiling a package that leaves taxpayers facing a £36 billion bill, he had broken previously made commitments in the process.


But The Mail on Sunday can reveal that the Prime Minister actually bolted out of Westminster so he could spend the evening rubbing shoulders with billionaires, financiers and other wealthy Tory donors.


Within seconds of the result of the vote being announced at 7.28pm on Wednesday, Mr Johnson was out of his seat and walking briskly towards the door.


Following a two-mile journey through Central London, he stepped out of his chauffeur-driven car minutes later in the courtyard of Hertford House, home to the famous Wallace Collection of art treasures.


Chancellor Rishi Sunak arrived soon afterwards.


The venue, which is packed with Old Masters and thousands of artefacts, promises a 'taste of old world glamour in the heart of London' to anyone willing to pay up to £12,000 to hire a room for a reception. It had been hired on this occasion by the Conservative Party Treasurer's Group.



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