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State of charge?


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Hi all, I have a 2019 Burstner on the Fiat 2.3 150 hp. Have a query re the batteries. (Two 95 amp AGM’s) van is stored in my garage so no help from the 100 watt solar panel. If on hook up the batteries never get to 100%. If I let them run down to say 90% plug in ehu the percentage of charge never gets above 93% even less if I let them discharge further. I have set the control panel to tell the system there are two batteries. If I disconnect both the 50 amp fuse and the smaller one right by the leisure batteries. Leave it for say half an hour when putting fuses back in the state of charge will show 100%. Left on hook up overnight nothing on the state of charge now shows 97%. Whilst still on hook up if I Turn all the lights on the display shows 0.00 amps so not charging or discharging voltage is 13.4 but the state of charge still only shows 97% two hours later state of charge now 95% and zero charge or discharge.


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