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Maxxfan Deluxe Repair


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Hi All,


Been asking around lately, thought it worth a shout on here... Just wondering if anyone knew of anyone/anywhere who repairs Maxxfans? I recently bought a van which had one (Deluxe) fitted but i never tested it and, after spending months converting the van, found that it doesn't work. There's no power at all, I've checked wiring and narrowed the problem down to the unit itself. Thought it worth a bit of investigation before shelling out £300+ for a replacement.






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GOOGLE indicates that there are quite a few UK firms marketing the Maxxair Maxxfan Deluxe product. There’s also online entries/videos relating to repair of these units.




There’s some Maxxair USA ‘customer service’ information here




but, there may be no UK companies prepared to work on Maxxfan units that have not been bought from them. It may also be the case that - given the relative complexity of these units and their reasonably low cost - offering a repair service would not be a profitable proposition and - if a Maxxfan unit should fail under warranty - it would be simpler/cheaper for the vendor to provide a complete replacement.


You might try contacting RoadPro (who advertise Maxxfans) to see if they know of any UK repairers




There’s an Installation/Operating guide here




but (unsurprisingly) nothing about trouble-shooting or repairs.

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