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Warwick XL chassis


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Pete-B - 2021-09-25 6:56 PM


Today, someone asked me what chassis do I have on my 2020 Autosleeper XL Alko or standard...


On the face of it an odd question to ask as no panel-van-conversion (PVC) has (or can have) an AL-KO AMC chassis (description on this link)




However, historically, many Auto-Sleepers models (including PVCs) have had their rear suspension fitted as standard with an AL-KO “Air Top” semi-air kit comprising a pair of inflatable rubber bellows (image attached below). So it’s possible this may have led to a misunderstanding.


I THINK AL-KO may have discontinued the “Air Top" product as Auto-Sleepers are apparently now fitting a similar system from “Top Drive”




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