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Autocruise plastic floor locker frames breaking


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Seems like every Autocruise motorhome that uses the fragile plastic floor locker frame has problems with cracking and breaking,

Very surprising that anyone expected a 1mm thick plastic frame that people walk on will survive.

Plastic replacements are available at a cost of around £95,but am unsure of their durability.

Would any Autocruise owners be interested in billet aluminium frames?

They would be massively stronger and fit easily.

The downside is that a pair,ie both frames to replace existing, probably broken hatch frames will be £180.

The cost of the billet aluminium and the machining costs account for the cost.

Would like to see if there is enough interest to continue this project;

Please message me on whatsapp on 07774 895300 or via this forum,



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Try an Aluminium casting company.

Depending on the damage to the plastic frames, is. may be possible to use them to create the pattern.

Using a billet creates more waste than used in the finished frame, especially if the inner frame has an overlap with the outer.

Aluminium has a low melting point but the problem of a DIY solution would be obtaining casting sand.

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