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Reich submersible Twin water pump


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This 2009 MHFacts thread mentioned the NRV being glued to the outlet of the Reich pump (then called "Twinflow")




I came across one advert for a 'without NRV' Twin pump and - although the photo was correct - the full description of the item stated that the pump had a NRV. So make absolutely sure you'll be.getting the right pump as the 'with NRV' version seems much more common.



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There’s more on the Reich “Twin” water-pump in this 2020 MHFun thread.




Within the thead is a photo (copy attached below) showing a pump with the NRV separated from it, but the discussion includes comments saying that some Twin pumps marketed without the NRV have a different outlet (to take a push-fit connector) and some pumps marketed with the NRV have the valve glued solidly in place, or the valve may have been fitted very tightly and may come off if brutal methods are employed.


Similar performance Reich “Tandem” pumps are marketed without a NRV or with a NRV, though in the latter case the NRV is a removable add-on having a Reich UniQuick push-fit connector.




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As mentioned above I have now found the twin pump with a push fit connection on Amazon, (couldn't find one on ebay). I have a Reich Twin with the NRV as a spare for another vehicle (Hymer) but just purchased something else (caravan, please don't shout) and sods law says they can not have the same pump connection. I did try to remove the NRV from my spare pump but it wasn't going to shift without causing damage Thanks again for the info.
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Derek Uzzell - 2021-10-23 11:54 AM


Are you sure thst's the case with the "Twin" pump, as there are online comments mentioning that the NRV cannot be removed from the version of the Twin that's marketed with a NRV already fitted?


Yes I changed a 19 lt twin pump a year or so back and retained the valve. I also bought a spare and have just been out to check that my memory was not playing up. I can only assume there are two versions of the pump or that one is superseding the other.


Here is a link to the valve I have (can’t post photos). You can clearly see the circlips at each end.





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It depends...


More recent Reich pumps are marketed with an outlet that can accept a push-fit connector and - when a pump is sold with a NRV - the NRV is a Reich UniQuick product as shown on the attached image below.


My Rapido’s water system uses Uniquick connectors throughout and they connect as shown in this video.



As you’ve said, having two NRVs in series should not be problematical (though best avoided) but if the motorhome already has a ‘non-NRV’ Reich Twin pump and a separate NRV elsewhere, some extra work MAY be needed to connect up a ‘fixed NRV’ Twin pump.


As will be apparent from this Reich webpage, there are many UniQuick components.




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The Reich website suggests that “Twin” pumps are no longer part of Reich’s product range, being superseded by a pair of similar specification pumps branded “Tandem”.


Tandem pumps are marketed in two forms - without a NRV (Reich Part Number: 515-1914121) or fitted with a UniQuick removable NRV (Reich Part number: 515-1914121R). These pumps have a smooth ‘unstepped’ outlet designed for a UniQuick connector (or any suitable 12mm push-fit connector).




The without-NRV Tandem pump is advertised here for £35.51 (shipping free)




but the strounoir.com website may be untrustworthy




It’s also on Amazon.co.uk for £50.44




though whether it’s actually deliverable is anybody’s guess.


(I’ll leave you to explore the rest of UK internet advertising.)

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