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Truma E2400 working only with big flame not with small flame


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Hello. Thanks for including me in the forum

I have a Truma E2400 2017 which is working fine with the big flame (full capacity) but it gets on block (red light fixed) when I put it on small flame (half capacity).

Does anyone had the same problem?

Thanks in advance.



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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums.


As I’m sure you are aware the Trumatic E2400 air-heater was discontinued some years ago, though some spare parts for it are still available.




Online comments relating to the E2400 usually involve it not working at all, but your heater evidently works OK on ’full heat’ but goes into failure-mode when you select a reduced output.


Truma’s operating instructions for the E2400 include troubleshooting guidance




but don’t cover the specific problem you’ve described. Neither (as far as I can see) does that problem appear in the online complaints




I’m not familiar with the E2400’s workings, so I don’t know how its output is ‘throttled’ technically. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you contact the technicians at Truma(UK) to see if they can advise



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Feedback as promised and the good new is mine's working again. A lantern I had stored under the seat had moved close to the air inlet to the heater and was restricting the airflow, removed it and the heater now works on Low as well as High. :-)
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