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Oh dear!!


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Johnsons house of cards is crumbling;


First the "worlds most stupid tunnel" gets scrapped due to expense, now his precious Skye bridge has been shelved as "too difficult and expensive"


The proposed route would have crossed water that runs more than 1,000 ft deep in places, which would have required some of the largest support towers ever constructed. The area was also used as an offshore ammunition dump in the Second World War, which threw up additional problems.


Strong gales across the body of water meanwhile raised the prospect that the bridge would frequently be forced to close.




Now his former mistress Jennifer Arcuri has agreed to assist the ethics watchdog due to a fresh criminal inquiry into Johnsons sleaze.



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CurtainRaiser - 2021-11-21 9:04 PM


I can't access behind the Torygraph paywall, but does it give any indication as to how much has been squandered on feasibility studies for these vanity projects?


Whilst London mayor he wasted more than £60,000,000 on the garden bridge and Thames estuary airport.

No mention of how much that cost but it certainly hasn't come for free. It was already known about the ammunition dump and the obvious risk that brought but i'd have thought the water depth would be enough to make it clear this was yet another of his silly projects. He's quite mad.

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Ever likely the Boris Bridge got cancelled.


It would have cost £335 BILLION and taken 30 YEARS to complete! 8-)


This proves Johnson is a completely deranged megalomaniac and the sooner he's kicked out the better. Men in white coats need to take him away. *-)



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