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UK Visa Scheme for Prize winning scientists..


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Attracts ZERO applications! (lol)


Not a single application in SEVEN MONTHS! The UK is now truly world beating in as much as nobody wants to come here.


“Winners of these awards have reached the pinnacle of their career and they have so much to offer the UK,” said home secretary Priti Patel when the prestigious prize scheme launched in May. “This is exactly what our new point-based immigration system was designed for – attracting the best and brightest based on the skills and talent they have, not where they’ve come from.”


It seems Cruella and the Tories didnt account for those funny foreigners with big brains actually thinking the UK is now the last place I would want to go and work and share my skills since they shot themselves in the foot by leaving Europe and adopted a hostile environment with a right wing populist fruitloop at the helm.





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