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Motorbike insurance


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Phew, MCE that rang a bell, just checked and realise I had my small bike with them a couple of years ago.


I'm currently (2 years) insured with Zenith via Insurance Brokers Grove and Dean. Includes breakdown recovery, I

don't have the policy to hand, but it must have offered 90 days European Cover as minimum, otherwise I

wouldn't have taken it.


Anyway Grove and Dean 01708 925 059. Helpful enough, but of course the proof of ze pudding comes when

if a claim is made :-S

In times past when I over ran the 90days EU cover I just continued on riding relying on the fact that the cover

reverted to the minimum required by the country I was in, which basically meant 3rd Party only. I don't

know how this applies post B****t though. As a standard issue non EU 90 day tourist should you even be in the

country. Perhaps, if in France you visit the prefecture with a plausible excuse, that's if you can find the person

in Covid times....!!

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