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On the 19/20 of May we will be going to Howarth Yorks for there WW2 w/end (free to attend) & i cannot find any where to park our van overnight, all the sites are too far from the event ( its in the town itself ) Can anyone help or know of a site in or about the town. I have phoned Infomation Centre who cannot help so i turn to all the lovley people on here for help & advice Thanks. Maggie
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Hiya Maggie, and after everything Wayne has said about you a chance to put the record straight perhaps.

If you type in "Howorth Yorkshire" on the web search you will get plenty of information and a map of the town centre, and hopefully a list of parking places.

We find the best way to ensure somewhere to park whenever we go to such events is to get there as early as possible. Arriving at 7.00 am, this means no problem with parking, and if thats to early we have some breakfast and go back to bed for a hour or two.

Why not check back with the orginisers to see if they can help. They might know of any timetables re. public transport back and fore into town.

Enjoy the event anyway, and if you come across any medals for long service suffering and patience, then get Chopper to treat you to the biggest one going. Its the least he can do. *-)

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Might be "worth" trying the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway (which is probably involved in the event: they often provide locations & props for mid-20thC films & TV dramas). If they're in a good mood they might let you stay in one of their station car parks.


Their site is www.kwvr.co.uk


And Howie, if you're going to correct Maggie's spelling get it right! It's HAWORTH (although all variants occur as surnames, pronouced exactly the same way).



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hello maggie. our howies taken to his bed as he dont feel to good after working hard for charitable causes all day but he wants you to know that he didnt correct any spelling mistakes you might have made cause he didnt see any. he highlighted howarth yorks to make it easier for you to find and everybody spells it different anyway. looks like some folk got nothing to do but stir up trouble for others but howie dont do things like that and a kinder and more generous man you wont find. he does all the cooking ironing and housework for me and still finds time for my cuddles and what have you. pity some dont realise what a lovely sensitive feller thier talking to sometimes and lets hope he gets better treatment in future. mrs howie
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thank you for your concern

and kind thoughts tony which

i,ve passed on to our howie


still has a bit of a fever i,m afraid

what with his goggles all steamed

up and muttering something

about varnished doors but i,m

sure he,ll be right in a day or two


pardon me for asking tony but have we met

somewhere before

your face looks awful familiar but i cant

quite place it. mrs howie

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That might just be the result of the uncanny resemblance Howie has referred to elsewhere. If you can get his goggles off you might see what he means.

But I'm sure that like me (and Howie) you're a much-travelled person, who moves among the better sort of people, so it's certainly possible we've come across each other before.


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I think we should have a whip round for poor poor Howie, so if anyone wants to send a cheque to me via e-mail made payable to Wayne  oops sorry i meen Howard I will see that he gets it. Please add 50p for handling.

Poor poor Howie over worked with no pay. he he

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Thanks for the web sites the nearest is 1 mile away, phoned the T.I.C yesterday and they confirmed there is not a site or street to park up over night i Howarth/Howorth. You would think the farmers (who are always skint ) would open up a field or is that too complexed?.

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Forester - 2007-04-19 2:32 PM

I think we should have a whip round for poor poor Howie .... QUOTE]I'm sure I can find a whip for Howie but do you think Mrs Howie would be prepared to use it on him for us as I don't think we'd be allowed in to have a round of whipping? And do you think Howie would enjoy it or not at his age??? :D

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hello forester. i been up and told our howie

about you having a whip round for him cos he

as been poorly

he said you were a real brick

at least i think thats what he said as he s still

a bit feverish

thank you for your offer but i think he wants any

donations of all these generous folk sent direct to him

mrs howie



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oh god you lot make me laugh

you know what I needed it .


Come on wayne tell more about the weekend .

these kind of things is there enough for the weekend . recently whilst on a visit in France to the Museum WW2 Holts ? can't remeber the guy who built all the bunkers . I was so fooloishly dismayed when I found it was just all Germans and Americans I was there looking for the english stuff ?

never mind good job Hubby is the brains of the outfit . He put me right .

He's off at the end of the month with the lads aain for 5 days on a Major & Mrs Holt's battlefield guide she very kindly sent him a signed book without PAYMENT how nice and trusting you don't get that anymore do you just goes to show you . I forwarded on the cheque the book is brilliant .



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How you doing sweety, getting on with that book I hope.

Don,t know if there,s a problem your end with this thread

but its gone like it did the other day, all spread out and only

half the postings readable.

Given your thoughts on writing a book my full attention

all day, and so far i,ve completed "Once upon a time".

Hope your doing better. ;-)

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Same problem this end its getting bigger ?

I have been out tonight to see my old aunty she has given me the name of my book its going to be called LAC OF CARE

The reason it's LAC and not LACK is because in Social Work terms LAC means LOOKED AFTER CHILDREN what do you think?

catchy or what ... I mean she just came up with the word LACK & it fitted with the SW terminology Omen or what?

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The spreading-out thing seems to happen

when something in one of the posts is very wide.

Sometimes it's a pic, but it looks as if this time it's the

long "link" in bigmoney2's posting.

I've used deliberately short lines in this post by pressing

"enter" after every few words. Can't think of any

other way to beat it once a thread has spread like this.



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The only way the thread can go on a 'diet' is if the moderator edits the long link I'm afraid so we're stuck with it for the time being.


Welcome back Howie, you didn't want your whipping then? Thought you'd have enjoyed it really but no doubt you just couldn't risk the over-excitement with Mrs Howie, not used to it I assume at your age!!! :D

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hello maggie, sorry to hear your

wayne comes up short in the

nooky department

whenever our howie gets

his kit off i,m always reminded

of the tripod what come with

the old box brownie i once had

but at his age 4 or 5 times a night

is all i can expect these days

nice having this girly talk with you

and mabe you could tell me more

about waynes shortcomings and funny ways

mrs howie



he he

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Dear Mrs howie

It was when we 1st met a huge

thing but like everthing else

with time & usage it wears

but i must say we still do 3


 a night each time lasts about

 3 1/2 hours non stop, one thing

 that hasn't eroded with time.

Isn't it nice having these sort

of "girlie" chats i hope more

"girls" who think they have a

husband/boyfriend or girlfriend

as good and gentle as my Waynie

 baby can join in this very serious

girlie chat.  Maggie.

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