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Sat Nav Difficulty ?


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I am having a lot of grief with a Blaupunkt Amsterdam in dash unit. I run a company Vauxhall, one of a string of cars since 1998 with Sat Nav on board. I have also used a hand held in the low profile van and set up a lap top with Microsofts Mapping in the van. Non of these systems have been any bother EXCEPT this Blaupunkt which loses itself and decides that it cannot recognise roads like M54, A38 , A5 etc. It`s not like they are new on the map?


Now, the maker tells me that it is because it is a Motorhome, the body interferes with the signal ( the sensor is on the dash under the HUGE windsreen!)

Can this be true? Does anyone have similar problems , or any solutions they have found to work? *-)

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Not Blaupunktbut my Tom Tom does not need to be on the dash to receive the satellite signals.

The systems now have much better receicing capability and should not be affected even below a luton overhang.

There are many manufacturers specifying the Blaupunkt models in their options lists, so the makers comments appear to be a load of tosh.



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