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Tent recommendations please & ones to avoid


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Hi, I am new here....we are looking to upgrade the size of our tent.


At the moment we have an Outwell Winfield which I believe is a 6 berth although realistically as a family I would say its a 4 birth.


We've gotten on really well with it, no problems at all.


But now we have a 14month old aswell as an 8 year old. And we want them to have their own rooms in the tent to sleep. Baby won't fit in with us in our room in his travel cot.


So we are thinking of going for a 3 bedroom tent. OR do you think with such a young child, we should go for a tent with two larger bedrooms so that his travel cot can be in with us at night. With the option to seperate the bedrooms when he is older.


I visited our local camping/tent experts today where we previously bought the Outwell..........and........they were CLOSED down!! 8-)


They only do repairs now as they couldn't compete with the likes of Argos, Range etc...


So now we're stuck, we really don't know enough about 'makes' of tent to choose another, aside from Outwell.


There are loads on ebay...RAGE, Leben, Lichfield etc.....for some very reasonable prices. But I don't want cheap and nasty and I have no idea about any of these names, or others.


Can anyone please help us by telling us 'makes' to avoid and for what reason. And recommendations with reasons would be nice too.


We are planning a holiday in July/August so need to get our skates on! :$


Thanks in advance.

Katherin :-D

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Katerine ,

You don't mention where you are region. we have a Coleman quad space

Perhaps you could givemore info on were you are that might help people to direct you.

Have you done a google search and just put in tents



it is worth getting a canvas one they cost more but they breath better

its better smaller with quality than bigge and cheap they are sweat boxes in the summer if you go abroad.

Good luck. Don't choose from a picture you may live to regret it .

Go o a camping out let a big one and get a feel for it first.

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You could try having a look around on this website to see what looks about right for size/price.  http://www.findmeatent.com/

However, Michele is dead right.  You need to visit a large camping outlet, preferably one that puts its tents up outdoors, so that you can go into them and also judge the quality and finish.  Have a look in your local yellow pages?  Also try the Scouts' website, and look for the outdoors shops associated with them.

Canvas is heavier, bulkier, more expensive, and needs more care than synthetic, but it is much nicer in practice.  Have you considered trailer tents as an alternative?  These would get the little ones off the ground.

If you haven't joined the Camping and Caravanning Club, consider this.  They have helpful and informative information sheets and the magazine frequently features and tests various tents.

About now is a good time to buy as stocks should still be good.  However, with tents, they tend either to be in stock, or not, and I'd guess most of the stores now have their summer stock in so, if the tent you want isn't available, look elsewhere unless they can absolutely promise to be able to get it in by the time you want to go.

Don't forget canvas needs to "weather" before you use it.  If you don't do this, it will spray you with water the first time you use it.  The outer needs to go up for a few days in the rain to make sure all the shrinkage has taken place on the frame and that all the seams and weave have expanded to close the weaving and stitching holes.  Also, you absolutely must make sure it is completely dry before packing it away.  If necessary, finish off drying indoors.  If damp: a) it will shrink and may not fit the frame when next used, and: b) it will develop mildew, which cannot be removed.

Good luck.

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Hi Katherin. Outwell do still have a good name in synthetic tents, so do Khyam and Vango. As for the tents like Rage, Stormproof etc. which are only available on ebay - avoid at all costs.


As mentioned in the previous two replies, canvas frame tents are the best. However, they do take up more space in your car. You only have to give them a coat of waterproofing every 3-5 years, but a canvas frame tent will last you 25-30 years, whereas a synthetic tent will last you 5-6 years.


If you do have enough space to transport a frame tent, there are some excellent bargains on second-hand ones on ebay. Best makes are Cabanon & Marechal, but Lichfield, Suncamp & Relum are reasonably good too.


With a baby so young, I would suggest you get a tent with a 2-3 berth bedroom & a four berth with dividing curtain. This will enable you to have the cot in the bedroom with you for now, but you can divide the bedroom off later when the little one is older.

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Hi, thanks for all your replies, especially yours Jean K, I was glad to read it as I bought a Vango on Sunday on ebay. Phew!!!


Its got two big bedrooms which can both be divided into two, as you said. So little one can be in with us for now.


I really can't be doing with the idea of a frame tent at the moment, so much hassle to put up etc in comparison to the synthetic ones.


Maybe when the little one is older we will get one then as obviously they are the best option long term.


Thanks for your help.


By the way the model I got is a Vango Oregon 800. Very reasonable price brand new too.



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