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Michelin 'Camper' Tyre pressures


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You'll need to have weighed your van, fully laden (including all passengers etc usually carried), and got the individual axle weights.  Armed with these, either ring, or e-mail, Michelin's technical department, tell them the the make and model of the base vehicle, the engine fitted, and the exact model, size, and speed and load, ratings (all as on the sidewalls) of your tyres, and ask them to recommend appropriate pressures.

They're quite used to this question, and give very helpful answers.  If you ring, they'll probably also give you a little formula that will allow you to cater for different loadings should you so wish.

If you wish to reduce pressures from those quoted in the base vehicle, or converter's, handbooks, it is probably better to e-mail, so that you have written evidence as to why you changed, should that be needed.

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You don't say what your motorhome is but this just might help. I have a new Autocruise Starspirit on a 2006 Boxer chassis with Michelin Camper tyres. Peugeot states (on the door pillar) that the tyres should be inflated to 69.5 psi, front and rear. However, Autocruise ( quoting Michelin) state (in their handbook) 50psi on front and 46psi on the rear. Just guess which figure the PDI inspection garage inflated the tyres to.... No wonder the ride felt hard!


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Correct tyre pressures do vary from van to van.  These pressures are safety critical, and it is not good practice to propose that pressures appropriate to one van may be adopted safely on another.  There may be other factors, such as a scooter on a rack, that make them unsuitable.

If not wishing to stick to the tyre pressures quoted in your particular van's handbook, the advice given above really should be followed and each axle should be weighed, the tyre manufacturer consulted, and their written advice kept for future reference.

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Mike Chapman - 2007-04-27 7:04 PM


Hello Armstrongpiper,


The number you require is 0845 3661535.







Also! if you google saynoto0870 (0845) you should be able to get a diferent phone number that will be cheaper to ring, that also goes for all 08 numbers,(not 0800,still free) if you are not aware, these 08 numbers also pay the company you are ringing a few pence every minute you are on the phone to them, which is why i would think they keep us on hold for so long!

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Yes, I understood that Peter, and I really am not seeking to criticise, but you did quote actual pressures, and not just the source of your information.

This issue comes up time and again, with people saying the ride on their van is hard, and others volunteering alternative pressures.  Even if both vans were Starspirits, it is possible the pressures appropriate to one may not suit the other.  For example if one had the scooter I mentioned I would expect the rear tyre pressure to have to be higher, and the front lower t compensate; or if the chassis was 3,850Kg and not 3,500 Kg I would expect both to be higher.

Stating that the pressures may safely be able to be reduced is fine.  However, this is an open forum: if actual pressure values are quoted, it is possible someone else may get the wrong end of the stick, or just skim the post and miss the caveat, and act upon the information posted.  More fool them maybe, but if the pressures aren't stated, even the fool can't fall into the trap!

It is in quoting alternative pressures, below the standard 4.5 BAR or 5 BAR (usually) recommended by Fiat (or whoever) in the base vehicle handbook, that the potential trap for the unwary lies.  Anyone can get the pressures appropriate to their own van's actual laden axle loads, ideally in writing, but it is better if they they keep the pressures so advised to themselves.

I'm apologising if I seem to be lecturing, that isn't my intention, I just can't find a better form of words!  By the way, I just can't believe Peugeot's 69.5 psi!  Is that real?  I haven't found any airlines that will do pressures that high in 0.5 psi increments.  In their dreams!

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