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Help needed for newcomers

Hobby Dazzlers

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Hi Everyone :-D

We have just joined this site as we are new to Motorhoming, in fact we have just (one week) purchased our first motorhome after looking and researching for the last two years.

We have purchased privately a 2005 Hobby 750FML which is an imported left hand drive.All the manuals are in German therefore we were wondering if anyone knows how we could obtain the manuals in English and if so, where from?

We would really be grateful for any help and advice


Angie and Keith

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Guest peter
Try logging on to their website and mail them with a request. I know Hymer are very good at this and sent me two. one a PDF and another a hard copy for two different vans. If Hobby are any good , they should oblige, hopefully.
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You'll find the Hobby customer care is first class.I emailed them from the contact details on their site to get our copy.

You may want to take a look at the Independant Association of Hobbists which is full of info


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Hobby Dazzlers:


Unlike AW, I've never been able to elicit any response whatsoever from the Hobby factory when I've wanted information or advice - but perhaps I've just been unlucky...


It so happens that I've got a couple of English-language Hobby User Manuals. These bear a 01/04 'version date' and cover all 2004-model Fiat-based models. However, as I obtained them from a German dealership in mid-2005, it's quite likely that no updated English booklet was produced for the 2005 range. Anyway, if you do hit problems getting a manual via Hobby, you are welcome to one of mine. (If you are interested, e-mail me with a postal address and I'll post the booklet to you.) Perhaps worth mentioning that Hobby's tyre inflation-pressure recommendations need treating with some caution, particularly with regard to tandem-axle designs like your 750FML.


If you need English-language documentation for your motorhome's appliances, your best bet would be to get them directly from the manufacturer. For the heater I suggest you contact Truma(UK) via www.trumauk.com and request Operating AND Installation instruction leaflets for the C6002 unit. For the fridge (I believe it's a RM 7651L in a 2005 750FML), you should be able to download a manual from the Dometic website www.dometic.com or you could ask for a hardcopy leaflet.


I doubt Hobby will be able to provide English documentation for your motorhome's Ducato base vehicle, but a UK Fiat main dealer may be able to help.


(As new motorcaravanners you might also consider obtaining "The Motorcaravan Manual" (Haynes Publishing) and/or "Go Motorhoming" (www.go-motorhoming.co.uk) as both books will provide invaluable background knowledge.)





Do you know, please, whether the Independent Association of Hobbyists club still has a website? I can find no sign of it via GOOGLE and the contact references I do retrieve appear to be out of date or inaccurate. As far as I'm aware Dave Jackson (daverjackson@ukonline.co.uk or 01530 832585) is still Membership Secretary of the club.

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