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Guest peter
michele - 2007-05-09 9:05 PM


Why dont people look ? UP top ;-)

I always look up top Michele but it usually ends up with a slapped face. :D
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Because our eyes are drawn to your striking picture of course Michele, then we forget all about looking up top.


Actually it's a good point, I'm generally so interested in the subject I'm following that I tend to miss the top box and also, it's not that eye catching

is it? Maybe it needs highlighting and perhaps a flashing indicator to attract attention.


One other possibility - I try to avoid being distracted by ads on web pages and they tend to be around the edges so I don't usually scan that area.




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If a Forum account is set up to notify a new posting to a thread, PM or Mail by a message to the recipients E-mail account the posting should not be missed.


However if the Forum account is not set up in this way it would be better if this was indicated when posting the message. If someone posts regularly on loads of threads the E-mail system can be overloaded with messages saying "You have a PM" or "Someone has posted to your thread" which I seem to remember was a problem you mentioned in the past.


Having said all that it only requires a look at the Welcome box top right of screen to see if INBOX has a number indicated in brackets.





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Thanks for that you are correct in what you state ONLY this time it's not me . others are not noticing the little 1 in there boxes and I can quite clearly see them on line ....I sits here thinking wonder when they will see they have a PM. My box is set up so it notifies me .

What also nice is I also have a little notifier on my e mail that states MESSAGE WAITING so I always know now.

Thanks....So why don't everyone look up 8-)

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Hello Michele,


I reckon Warners could help by changing the system to have a picture of Victor Meldrew pop-up on a recipients account when they log-on after a message has not been read for say 5 days.


It could have audio and say "I do not believe it. You have failed to reply to XXXX's message which is very rude and any further failure will be punished by banning from the Forum just like what I was".


That should frighten the life out of miscreants.





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